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DINORTE, S.A. de C.V. has manufactured equipment for the poultry, meat, dairy, fish and seafood industries since 1982.


The Company currently has two manufacturing facilities (600m2 y 900m2) in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.

We currently manufacture .... lavadoras de contenedores para productos comestibles y tarimas de plástico. We also design equipment like .... carros transportadores para congelar, madurar y cocer productos, everything according to our clients' needs.  We manufacture .... bandas transportadoras sanitarias a base de tabletas termoplásticas, acero inoxidable o banda plástica, así como transportadores especiales to satisfy specific needs like deboning, inspecting, washing, packing, etcetera.  We also manufacture systems to cool and pack meat, poulty, dairy, fish and seafood.

It is worth mentioning that DINORTE has manufactured and/or installed equipments outside of Mexico in countries like United States, Guatemala and Panama.

All the equipment we manufacture is in stainless steel and designed according to our clients' needs.






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Learn more about the crate, box, lid and pallet washers we can manufacture for your food processing plant.



Learn more about the conveyors we can manufacture for your food processing plant. 



Learn more about the sinks, tables and other equipments we can manufacture for your industrial kitchen or restaurant.



Learn more about the banisters, protections, covers and other decorative elements we can manufacture for your business or home.


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About Us


Stainless Steel Fabrications

Río Jordán No. 1430 Col. Magdalenas
Torreón, Coahuila., México C.P. 27010
Tel: (871) 717-6731
Fax: (871) 713-3904

Desde 1982 fabricamos estructuras y equipos de acero inoxidable para la Industria de Alimentos y Construcción.

La satisfacción de nuestros clientes es la base de nuestro crecimiento.